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Specialists in supplying and creating Rock Walls and Feature Landscapes for the Sunshine Coast for more than 12 years, Twist Landscape Construction are your dynamic award winning company with the ability to do all facets of outdoor construction. The core strength of my business is very simple; Say it and do it.

This ethos underpins our integrity to maintain a sound and transparent relationship with you throughout the duration of construction. Landscape construction is the easy part. The success of a job always comes back to your ability to articulate what you want then twist it within a realistic cost and time schedule. This is achieved through a scale plan being agreed upon during the design phase and constant communication throughout the duration of the project.

It is a common scenario to put a lot of energy into our homes and neglect our landscape when in reality they should actually go hand in hand to compliment our living space and show case our home to the world. I have yet to meet a person without an opinion on what they like and dislike.

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We Build Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

The new stone retaining wall at the front of the property was, for several months following its completion, a major attraction in our street with an endless stream of admirers stopping to take a look as they drove by.

We are delighted with the results and have no hesitation in recommending Twist to anyone contemplating undertaking some landscape work.

Zeyad & Robyn Elkojje